We offer a rich and diversified range of transcreation services

At Maverick we provide transcreation services that will allow you to accomplish even the most challenging of objectives with confidence. Our client-tailored approach will take your mission to and beyond its targets.

Copy Origination and Design

As part of the Maverick Group, an award-winning integrated agency, we offer a total solution:

  • Production of localisation-friendly strategies
  • Copywriting and creative direction
  • Multi-channel communications web, print, digital and film

We recognise that most localisation issues stem from a lack of awareness of potential pitfalls that can occur at origination and design stage. We work with our creative colleagues to ensure our material is optimised for translation.

Translation and Transcreation

When you commit your copy to translation, you need to be sure of two things:

  • Does the adapted text relate to the target audience?
  • Can it motivate them into the desired action?

Our unique Transcreation process ensures that the tone, register and style carry the same weight as the original, while creating stimulating communications that resonate with target markets, in any language and across all media.

Terminology and Translation Memory Management

The effective use of translation memory dramatically increases the quality and consistency of your translations, while simultaneously reducing the overall cost of the translation process.

Maverick Transcreation has:

  • Experienced in-house terminology specialists
  • State-of-the-art translation memory tools

We offer full management of all translation assets, storing approved terms in language-specific client databases.

Desktop Publishing and Typesetting

The overall look and feel of the final product is just as important as the translation process.

Maverick Transcreation respects:

  • Brand integrity
  • Local standards and conventions
  • Target audience expectations

Our experienced team of typesetters provides DTP services in all Western and European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages. Our multi-lingual experts work with our clients to ensure that a language adapts seamlessly to the pre-existing layout, while staying faithful to the original design specifications.

Voiceover, Subtitling, Dubbing and more

With an in-house film production team, we are acknowledged experts in adapting scripts for voiceover, subtitling and dubbing. We have a long and hugely successful record of adapting:

  • Informative films
  • Marketing pieces
  • Animations

We are also able to source a wide variety of voice artists, including well-known, recognisable voices from the world of TV and cinema.

Quality Control

Maverick Transcreation sources and manages the right people with the right experience for each project:

  • Qualified native linguists
  • Subject matter experts
  • Localisation artworkers and proofreaders

Our stringent quality control processes, managed by our highly qualified project management team, ensure you will have total confidence in the quality of the finished product.

Bespoke Processes

No two Transcreation projects are the same. Maverick Transcreation analyses each project on its own merit, defining processes designed to optimise the results of localisation that include:

  • Copy origination and design
  • Optimisation of project budgets
  • Pre- and post-production quality control
  • Local client review cycles if necessary

Localisation Consultancy

Maverick Transcreation offers expert advice on:

  • Preparation of assets for localisation
  • Selection and management of suppliers
  • Analysis of content suitability in foreign markets

We will help you achieve the highest quality end product in the most cost-effective way.