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Translation or Transcreation Brief

Working with the client, our Project Managers define audience, tone, purpose of material, context and brand alignment, in order to lay the foundation for a successful translation.


Our Project Managers and linguists work together to study the source text thoroughly, ensuring the processes in place render translation as effective as it can be.

Glossary Creation

Source copy is analysed to identify brand-specific terminology. We then work closely with the client to determine how best to convey such key language in the local markets.

Style Guide

Our team analyses your brand and created a suitable style guide specific to each target language, detailing the preferred tone, register, style and layout for the localised copy.


A fully qualified Transcreation specialist with the relevant subject matter experience provides the first draft of copy in the target language.


A second experienced linguist reviews the first draft. No Translation is allowed to go through to proofing and subsequent production before it has been checked by a second linguist.

Client Review

Our team analyses and validates the client’s in-country feedback to ensure it meets all expectations in terms of style, tone and terminology.


An editor looks at the finished product, ensuring it stays faithful to the original message and adapts seamlessly into the final output.

Final Delivery

After a last thorough validation, the final product is delivered to the client, faithfully reflecting the technical and creative requirements of the brief. We also offer full post-delivery client assistance.